Update Coming To Resident Evil 6 Bringing New Features


Yes you read that right, no pig’s still can’t fly and Xbox Live isn’t free.

Capcom are actually giving out a free update to Resident Evil 6 that will bring with it a few new features.

If you’ve been feeling lonely whilst playing Ada’s story, then fear not as a second character can join you on your zombie slaying quest. This is completely optional, so if you are an unsociable person, that won’t change. Screenshot below:

Now the second big thing is a “fix” for the somewhat controversial in-game camera. I say “fix” because it’s described by Capcom as an option, so those who like how the camera is by default can keep it that way if they wish, but the option is there for those who don’t.

Again, screens below:


New option:

Then there’s a couple of minor things being added to Resident Evil 6.

A new difficulty to challenge yourself and the option to have subtitles in other languages whilst keeping the standard English voices.

They might not be the most exciting of new features, but they are free so relish the fact that you are taking something for nothing.

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