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Updates on the Console War – Pachter Believes Xbox One Will Never Catch up to the PS4

Michael Pachter is one of the well-known names in the gaming analyst industry. Currently an analyst at Wedbush Securities, he is known for his controversial remarks on the console war and his insights into the gaming industry.

More recently, according to an article on, when asked the following by a user on
“At this point what can Microsoft do, if anything, to close the gap between the Xbox One and PS4?” he said that at the moment, there is nothing that Microsoft can do to make the situation better for them, given the fact that the console is already in its maturity stage two years into its release. He gave the example of how Sony’s bestselling console, the PS2, sold 170 million units worldwide while the Microsoft’ bestselling console, the Xbox 360, sold on half that amount. He added that people should “start every console cycle assuming Sony’s going to outsell Microsoft 2 to 1, because they have twice as many people who know what their console is and like.”

According to Pachter, it is “remarkable” that Xbox is still going steady in the sales area given the clear dominance of the PS4. He added that Sony is on its way to winning the fanbase that it lost in the PS3 era and is on the right track, while he thinks that “Microsoft is gonna really try hard to win in the U.S. and they’re probably going to fail. They’re gonna hope to win globally and they’re pretty definitely gonna fail.”

Pachter has a history of making pro-Sony statements, and so far he has been right to the extent that Sony would win the console war. But, things are not as bad as he predicted. He has a tendency to go overboard with Sony’s position in the console war and it’s about time that he realises that both the heavyweights are here to stay. Sony’s dominance is more a reflection of their somewhat superior hardware and their strong fan base than the fact that the console is better than the Xbox One in the gaming arena.

However, Pachter goes on to say that the fact that Xbox One is not selling as well as the PS4 doesn’t mean that Microsoft is losing the console war, adding that “as long as they make a profit and they sell a lot of boxes, they win.”

It’s all a bit silly really, isn’t it? What do you think? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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