USA Today Crossword Clues and Answers for September 20 2022

Crosswords have been an extremely popular enjoyment for millions of people across the world, with the first crossword being published in the early 1900s and have since only increased in popularity and difficulty. USA Today as a publication was founded in 1982, with the first day of issue being on September 15, 1982, however more recently expanded with an international print edition, which was launched on July 10, 1984, being printed in countries such as England, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, and more.

The USA Today Crossword is one of the most popular crosswords in the United States and played by millions every single month. The publisher releases a new crossword every day, along with several other games on their puzzle section of the website. All of which are definitely worth checking out if you’ve only ever played the daily crossword.

As with any crossword though, the USA Today Crossword can be as difficult as it can be fun, due to the breadth of knowledge required to know all of the categories within the clues. We are here to help with that though and have all of the USA Today Crossword Clues and Answers for September 20 2022, to either help you onto the next clue, or finish the puzzle for the day ahead of tomorrow.

USA Today Crossword Clues and Answers for September 20 2022

We have collated all of today’s clues below, you will need to click into each clue to view the answer, but feel free to come back to this page to cross-reference any of the clues if you need a helping hand.

If you found this guide useful, we also cover many other crosswords within our Crossword Clues section of the website. We’ll also be back tomorrow with further clues and answers for the USA Today Crossword and many more of your favourite crosswords and puzzles.