V Rising Patch Notes 0.5.42236 – Hotfix 6 (June 23)

V Rising Patch Notes 0.5.42236 - Hotfix 6 (June 23)

Check out the latest V Rising patch notes of version The hotfix brings important changes to the game and fixes a couple of crashes.

Stunlock Studios continues to update its vampire-survival title with new patches. The latest patch fixes a couple of patches and also brings a much-needed change to the game. Thanks to V Rising patch 0.5.42236, players will be able to use the Vampire Waygates while carrying Lumber, Stone and Plant Fibre.

V Rising Latest Patch Notes – Hotfix 6

Here are the bug and crash fixes that come with the latest hotfix.

  • June 23 patch adds a new command “decayusercastles [playername]” that allows the admin to put the castles of a certain player to decay.
  • Banlist.txt and adminlist.txt now save to the local override folder. They will be loaded from the default Settings folder and the local override folder as well.
  • The patch fixes a crash that takes place when destroying a castle.
  • The hotfix 6 also fixes a strange error that crashes the player’s client after inviting them with “claninvite” command.
  • The RCON socket binds to the bind address when specified. It is also possible to override the default one with a specific RCON Bind Address.
  • A glitch that allows players to duplicate items by repeatedly resurrecting and terminating their servants has been fixed.
  • Lumber, Stone and Plant Fibre will not block players from transforming into a bat and using Vampire Waygates.

Normally, the game does not allow players to use these teleports when they have resources in their inventory. That’s because developers do not want players to abuse this feature and farm resources without actually putting in some effort. Survival games tend to encourage players to overcome various difficulties to gather a certain resource.

Most titles in the genre aim to prevent “resource farming” and try to balance it in order to keep the players engaged.

v rising patch notes june 23

That’s why traveling to a certain place to gather resources is a quest on its own. The players can encounter enemies or places to discover while collecting the desired materials. But being able to teleport right back to the settlement rules out all the possible encounters, resulting in burnout in the player.

Basic resources will not prevent players from using waygates

With the latest patch of V Rising, this slightly changes as the game now allows players to teleport. But they will be able to use the waygates only when they are carrying basic resources. Scrolls, Coarse Threads and various other crafting materials still prevent the player from using the teleporter.

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But Stone, Lumber and Plant Fibre will not prevent you from using the waygates. You can also transform into a bat even though you have these resources in the inventory. This will especially come in handy when building another castle. Thanks to this change, players can transfer these basic resources to a certain place without having to travel all that way.

V Rising continues to expand its player base. The early-access title has sold more than 1.5 million copies two weeks after its launch. The developers have not made an official comment on the release date of the full version.