Valtan Phase 1 Easy Boss Guide

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Valtan Phase 1 Easy Boss Guide
Lost Ark Valtan Phase 1

Valtan is the first Legion Raid Instance in Lost Ark. Entry requires iLvl 1415(Normal) or 1445 (Hard) and completion of a brief Guide Quest. Players can now obtain loot from each phase independently instead of having to vote to continue or not.

Phase 1 Valtan Strategy Overview

  1. Red Boss: x45 HP Bars
    • Use Panacea or Sacred Charm before 3 stacks to remove the Bleed Debuff.
  2. Blue Boss: x40 HP Bars
    • Separate Bosses: Players with the Red or Blue Crosshair are the target of the corresponding boss.
    • Players with Buff attack Blue Boss
  3. Orb Phase: x30 and x15 HP Bars:
    • Red and Blue Orbs spawn in a circle around the room and players must collect them in alternating colors. Additionally, there is a Stagger check as well.
    • Alternatively, the Raid leader can use Wei (Ctrl+X) and a Whirlwind Grenade to complete the Stagger Check while other players avoid the Orbs.
    • After this phase go to the bottom of the zone to avoid the explosion.
  4. Blue Boss: x30 HP Bars
    • Left Hand Glows:
      • Red: Large Ground AOE (run away)
      • Blue: Freezing Projectiles (run away)
      • Green: Ground AOE (Safe zones in center of telegraph if not overlapping, else: run away))
  5. Red Boss: x25 HP Bars
    • Separate Bosses: Players with the Red or Blue Crosshair are the target of the corresponding boss.
    • Players with Buff now must attack Red Boss
  6. A Mist Phase appears if too much time takes to reach x30 HP Bars. Use Awakening and Damaging identity skills at around x35 to push to through to the next phase.
  7. If a player is feared, the boss will teleport to them and have a stagger check. Ping your location and use Panacea.

Orb Phase Stagger Positioning

Valtan P1 Orb Positioning Lost Ark
Orb Positioning

Players can use the above image as a reference, where players take orbs alternating colors starting with the highest stagger party members (Destroyer, Gunlancer, Artillerist) and then everyone else with their stagger skills and whirlwind grenades. Another strategy is to have the Raid Leader use WEI and kite all the orbs away while everyone else heads farthest to 6 o’clock or South location and then completes the staggers.

Suggested Battle Items

Here are the best Battle Items to have equipped during these encounters.

HP PotionWhirlwind GrenadePanaceaSacred Charm
HealingStagger CheckCleanse bleed debuff on self at 2 stacks.Cleanse nearby debuff from party member.
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