Valtan Phase 2 Easy Boss Guide

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valtan phase 2 lost ark

Valtan is the first Legion Raid Instance in Lost Ark. Entry requires iLvl 1415(Normal) or 1445(Hard) and completion of a brief Guide Quest. Players can now obtain loot from each phase independently instead of having to vote to continue or not.

Phase 2 Valtan Strategy Overview

  1. x160 HP Bars
    • Destroy Armor: Make Valtan Charge to Break Towers and use a Corrosive Bomb, Weak Point Skills and Destruction Bombs right after he breaks them
    • Collect orbs that drop, 2 per tower
    • Spread out and walk in small circles to avoid Green AoE, then head to edge of arena or use Time Stop Potion
  2. x130 HP Bars
    • Use Balthorr to mitigate damage
    • Occasionally, 4 orbs that spawn at the top, bottom, left and right edges of arena. Players must touch them or they will deal massive damage. At least one player should be ready to counter during this attack.
  3. x110 HP Bars
    • Hide behind Pillars in Yellow Zone. 1 Player is targeted with Red Slice and should dodge behind a Pillar in Yellow Zone to avoid damage. Or use a Time Stop Potion.
    • Player targeted before will be targeted again and the Pillars will explode.
  4. x85-x80 HP Bars
    • Half of arena is destroyed, move to opposite side.
    • Hide behind Pillars in Yellow Zone
  5. x65 HP Bars
    • Center Explosion followed by explosions under players: Group up away from boss then dodge towards boss after initial explosion.
  6. x60 HP Bars
    • Counter 3 seconds after cutscene
  7. x40-x35 HP Bars
    • Half of arena is destroyed, move to opposite side.
    • Hide behind Pillars in Yellow Zone
  8. x17-x15 HP Bars
    • Ground smashes: In front, Behind, Boss’s Left then Right
    • Big Smash followed by safe zone where that smash landed.
    • Hide behind Pillars in Yellow Zone, then run to area that did not get Pillar.
    • OR
    • Use Balthorr to mitigate damage
  9. Ghost Phase with x40 HP Bars
    • Counter spawned clones to remove the armor stacks then use Thirain for damage

Suggested Battle Items

Here are the best Battle Items to have equipped during these encounters.

HP PotionDestruction BombCorrosive
Whirlwind GrenadeTime Stop
HealingDestroy armorImproves Armor DestructionStaggerPrevent Heavy Damage
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