Video: This Bleak & Depressing H1Z1 Fan Made Trailer Is Pretty Damn Impressive

H1Z1 may be entering Steam’s Early Access program tomorrow, but today there’s something a little more frightening on the offing.

Whilst SOE have done a fairly good job with releasing trailers and what not, the impressive creativity on show from fans is always a little more special, mainly because they’re not being paid for their work; they’re just doing it for their love of the medium.

So check out the fan-made trailer below for H1Z1, it’s pretty depressing and perfectly captures the tone of an apocalyptic world that’s over-run with zombies.

Pretty morbid, right? Still, we’ll be smiling our little faces off when we boot it up during the Early Access period!

Looking forward to getting stuck into H1Z1? Scream and shoot down in the comments section below.

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