Video: New Freemode Events Claim to Eliminate Loading Screens in GTA: Online

On September 15th GTA V’s online component will be getting an update that will eliminate loading screens…for new events.

As is usually the case, the claim being made is a little overstated from what reality is.

Rockstar is setting up several new game modes such as, Penned In which is basically car sumo wrestling, Moving Target where a player in a heavily armed vehicle rolls around trying not to get blown up, King of the Castle which is king of the hill with guns, Hunt the Beast where players chase after one who is a wolfman, and they promise many more.

None of these events are complex but Hunt the Beast could have some interesting twists to a common all-chase-one game depending on what they do with it.

Below we have the trailer for this update.

Thoughts on the new events? Do you even still play GTA V? Let us know in the comments!


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