Visceral’s Star Wars Game Will Have Boss Fights, Economies, and Progression System

Remember all those cheeky Star Wars references hidden throughout Visceral’s Battlefield: Hardline? No? Well you’re not the only one, as they were relatively rare encounters. Players would reload their weapons using what seemed to be the Force, an extra hand, and so on.

The point is, Visceral Games is actually working on a Star Wars game. It’s been common knowledge for a long time now, but despite that we’ve still gotten next to nothing on what the actual game is. What we do know is that it’s a third-person action-adventures game, and thanks to a new job posting from EA, we also have a few scant details on what’s probably going to be included in the final release.

We’re gonna just go ahead and make sure this is clear for everyone before excitement builds up to uncontrollable levels: this isn’t confirmation, but it’s a good indication. Ok. Let’s go.

The new job posting from EA states the following:

“Experience working on 3rd person action/adventure games, demonstrating major contributions in the areas of hero control schemes, enemy design, navigation mechanics, and combat.”


“Extensive understanding of the systems design process including motion models, weapons tuning and feel, enemy concept and design, tools/upgrades, economy, balance, testing, etc.”

Going purely off of what’s laid in front of us, it’s not daft to speculate that the game will be a third person action-adventure title. Alright, that much is obvious, but the mention of economies, tools, upgrades, progression, and all the rest have us in a spin. Could it be that we’ll finally get another Jedi Knight game, or perhaps Knights of the Old Republic 3? Honestly, it’s unlikely. When Disney took over the Star Wars franchise, it made clear that everything outside of the films was non-cannon, and that going forward, everything Star Wars will be cannon. In other words, Kyle Katarn’s adventures with Luke never happened. Bummer…