Warner Bros’ Gauntlet Remake Rated for PS4 Release

Fans of the classic Gauntlet game that released way before we were drunken mistakes will be pleased to know that the remake has been rated for a PS4 release. Simply titled Gauntlet, the game is made by the same folks behind Magicka and HellDivers, so they sort of know what they’re doing when it comes to multiplayer madness.

The original Gauntlet game released in 1985 for arcade machines and is widely credited as the first dungeon-crawling multiplayer game.

Arrowhead Games’ remake originally released on Steam back in 2014 where it received high praise from players and critics. Unfortunately for console owners there wasn’t any official announcement for the PS4 or Xbox One, though the recent rating by the PEGI ratings board does seem to suggest we’ll be casting spells and all that jazz pretty soon. Actually, the PEGI rating states a release date of June 30th, but that would be today and it’s highly unlikely that Warner Bros would just release a game out of nowhere without any sort of announcement. Still, stranger things have happened…

The rating only mentions the PS4 version of the game, but we imagine that it’ll get a release on the Xbox One, too. C’mon, this is a Warner Bros. game, them dudes love money and it’d be daft to release it on only one console.

Expect an official announcement soon. Probably. Nah – definitely.

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