Watch Batgirl and Robin Kick Arse in New Batman: Arkham Knight DLC

[Update] We’ve managed to find a clip of Batgirl and Robin taking on Joker and his partner in crime, Harley Quinn. Video down below.

The new Batgirl DLC is out now for Batman: Arkham Knight for Season Pass holders, but for those who opted not to buy into the somewhat expensive Season Pass, you’ll have to wait until it gets released as a separate download.

In the mean time, you can check out a short clip of Batgirl in action along with Batman’s sidekick Robin as they kick the living crap out of a room full of mischief makers.

Damn that girl got some moves. Remember to check back in with The Games Cabin soon for our full Batman: Arkham Knight review, as well as our thoughts on the Batgirl DLC.

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