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Watch Dogs Complete Edition Sneaks on to Xbox One Today

Ubisoft’s open-world hack-a-thon Watch Dogs has been re-released on Xbox One today after zero news about such a thing. The re-packaged bundle includes the main game as well as the three downloadable expansions: Watch Dogs: Bad Blood, Conspiracy! and the Access Granted Pack.

So, what will this lot cost you? Only $39.99 – so it’s a fairly decent deal, to be fair. The base game still sells for around $30 on its own, so by getting the Watch Dog Complete Edition, you do save a few pennies.

Watch Dogs Complete Edition is available now on Xbox One. There’s no word yet on a PS4 release and, after checking the PSN it doesn’t look like it’s up just yet, but we’ll keep you updated when more comes through.

Watch Dogs originally released back in May 2014 where it received praise for creating a huge city with a stylised version of Chicago, but drew criticism for being vastly different from its E3 reveal trailer, causing many to dub the game a “downgrade.”

It’s a decent game, but if you’re tired of the Ubisoft open-world formula, you’re probably better off giving this a miss for now.

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