Watch the PlayStation Experience 2015 Keynote Conference Live Stream and Game Demos Here

This year’s PlayStation Experience is set to kick off in just under a couple of hours time in the lovely city of San Francisco. Did you know that Mythbusters is produced in San Francisco? No? Well we’re sure that Sony will drop more explosive bombs than Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman could dream of. Or not. Probably not. But there will surely be some goodies.

The PlayStation Experience 2015 conference is being live-streamed for those who couldn’t make it to the event. Unfortunately Sony seems to have forgotten to mail us our invites, so we’ll be sat in the Cabin watching it live with everyone else. If you want to watch PlayStation Experience, you can do so right here at The Games Cabin. We’ve embedded the stream below in preparation for kick-off.

So, what time does is start? Well, here’s our handy guide:

UK: 6pm GMT

Europe: 7pm

United States: 10am PST, 1pm EST

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