Watch Wipeout/F-Zero X’s Lovechild Fast Racing Neo in 60FPS Gameplay Footage

Fast Racing Neo looks like the child that Wipeout and F-Zero X would have had if they had ended up getting together one night for a steamy session of – you get the idea. The fast-paced racer will be coming to the WiiU at some point in the near future, and while both aforementioned franchises it draws inspiration from seem to be dead and buried, this one looks to be channeling their digital spirits.

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Players race in super fast vehicles around winding and dangerous tracks at breakneck speed. It really is a sight to behold and even more so when you see it running in all of its 60fps glory. Have a looksie at the video embedded down below. It’s off-screen footage, but you can still get a real sense of the speeds being achieved in-game along with the rip-roar of the jet ship thingy-majigs’ engines.

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