Waxworks: Curse of the Ancestors. Old Nightmares, new game


The month of horror is here and almost all of us are ready for all the screams, blood and nightmare fuel that entertain us in a sick way sometimes. This sick but enjoyable taste comes from a recommendation I make for you today, Waxworks.

What is waxworks?

Waxworks is actually a 1992 game for Amiga, and I really recommend it if you like gore or just to be grossed out (and a lot of patience). A Dungeon Crawler filled with puzzles and gnarly death scenes filled with gore, even if you watch them by today standards they look cool.

Like many old games, Waxworks follows a simple plot: A long time ago a family was cursed by a witch. Every time the family gave birth twins one would become pure evil. Our protagonist is the good twin and has just inherit a waxworks museum from his late uncle.

The only way to destroy the curse and save your brother is to go back in time through the exhibitions and kill the evil twins along history.

The curse revives


Curse of the Ancestors is a remake of this game. It is worth considering at the time of writing this, the game is available on early access on Steam, devs say it’s 70% complete and planned to go full release this Christmas. So the game is not complete and a lot of bugs are present.

The game is it’s own apart from the story, instead of a Point&Click dungeon crawler now is a first person horror game focused on survival and combat either than puzzle solving.

Atmosphere feels great on the levels that are currently available and the monsters look good and gnarly.

Nothing is perfect though, the game is fairly easy up to this point, and the gore I talked about earlier is less graphic than it’s original version, as well as not having any death screens that made the original stand.

Though like said earlier the atmosphere and gameplay is a lot more enjoyable and fitting for the genre as well as for modern audience.

This is the best thing about this new version, 1992 game is not for amateur audience it’s a game that requires a LOT of patience and it’s level design is something that makes the game unnecessarily harder and makes me rage. Both things that this remake does not have.

The worst point this remake has in my opinion, is the RPG like system they go with equipment, levelling up in a horror game is not something that can’t be done but Curse of the Ancestors does it bad and awkward. Something I hope they fix before the final release.

Is it worth it?

Overall, Curse of the Ancestors is a promising game that still has way to go, but it’s made with respect and care for the original game considering current times but being a remake of a 30 year old game it gets a little under the radar.

If you are a horror fan, I think you will enjoy this game and if you are just looking for something to play for this month, it will be a nice experience.