Weird: Blood Sport Kick Starter Wants You to Bleed for Your Games, Literally

Here’s an odd one for you – there’s a Kick Starter campaign currently in progress that wants you bleed for your games, quite literally.

The odd-yet-unique concept wants to mix the real world with the digital realm by having you bleed in real life when you take damage in the game. The idea is that you’re playing a shooter, say Call of Duty, and that when you get shot in the game you’ll lose some of your very real red blood.

But why? Well, it’s not as barbaric as it sounds and there’s actually a fairly nice idea behind it: blood donations. Rather than make it a simple gimmick the ambitious minds behind Blood Sport want to set up blood donation drives where players would face off against each other whilst donating their precious blood in the process.

Should Blood Sport reach its funding goal of $250,000 (currently at just over $2500, you can donate here) it’ll start March 17th and will be running with Battlefield Hardline, though there’s no official endorsement by EA.

It’s certainly an interesting concept and despite the gory nature it actually serves to help the world. Many people are reluctant to donate their blood and sadly, many more die because they don’t get the donations they need.