What Do Allays Do In Minecraft?


Minecraft Allays are one of the newer mobs to grace Minecraft. These adorable, almost fairy-like creatures have many uses in Minecraft, as long as you know how they behave and operate. Contained in this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about the mysterious Minecraft Allays.

Minecraft Allays: What Do Allays Do?


Minecraft Allays are cute, wisp-like passive mobs, meaning they’re harmless and won’t attack players.

Naturally, Allays like to wander around aimlessly with no purpose. However, hand the Allay an item, and it will begin to follow you like a pet. The Allay will then proceed to seek out dropped versions of the same item and bring it back to you. If you take an item from an Allay and leave it empty-handed, the Allay will leave you alone and go on its way.

Allays are also attracted to Note Blocks. If an Allay hears a Note Block, it’ll make its way towards it and begin delivering items to the block rather than the player. Allays and their affinity for Note Blocks make it possible to set up automatic farms with Minecraft Allays as your workers.

There are some restrictions when it comes to Allays, however. Allays can’t break blocks – they can only pick up dropped items. So, unfortunately, it’s not possible to send an Allay out on a mining expedition. Allays can’t swim either, so anything you drop in the water, you’ll have to retrieve yourself.

Minecraft Allays: Where To Find Allays


Villagers tend to hold Allays captive in their camps, so, oftentimes, you’ll find Minecraft Allays encaged in Pillager Outposts and Woodland Mansions. Visit these locations and break Allays free of their imprisonment to begin interacting with these precious Minecraft mobs.

Minecraft Allays: How To Tame Allays


Technically, you can’t tame an Allay as you’d tame a Horse or a Wolf. However, when you give an Allay an item, it’ll follow you around loyally. And since Allays will hunt down copies of whatever item you offer them, Allays essentially work as miniature minions ready to do your bidding. 

Minecraft Allays: What To Use Allays For

  • As we touched on before, Allays are a great asset to have on Minecraft farms. You can teach Allays to collect crops and bring them to you, or even better, a nearby Note Block. Place a Chest and a Hopper next to the Note Block to automate the process completely.
  • While Allays themselves can’t mine, you can bring one along on your mining adventure and use it to clean up all the broken blocks lying around, or even search the debris for any high-value ores you may have missed.
  • Do you lose or misplace your items a lot? Hand an Allay a copy of the missing item and it’ll go find it and return it to you.
  • Finally, if anything, Allays are amazing companions. Their charm is unmatched, and since their health regenerates and you can’t personally hurt them, you won’t need to worry about your Allay friend getting in the way on your journeys together.

Minecraft Allays are nuanced creatures, but once you understand them, they can serve as an invaluable ally.

Send Allays out to collect your favourite potion ingredients on the Minecraft Brewing Chart.