What Does Blightroot Look Like & Where To Get It

blightroot new world

What Is Blightroot?

Blightroot is a tier 2 resource in New World that is gathered through the harvesting trade skill. You need at least 30 harvesting skill to gather Blightroot. The resource is used in the Arcana trade to create potions.

While harvesting Blightroot in New World, you have chances to obtain more than just Blightroot Stems. The rare items you can gather will depend on your luck rating. They will only be able to be harvested if you have additional harvesting luck.

Harvesting Blightroot can give:

  • 1-2 Blightroot Stems
  • 1-2 Blightroot Leaf (Uncommon)
  • 1-2 Blightroot Flower (Rare) – Needs Luck to Drop
  • 6-8 Death Mote

Video of What Blightroot & Blightcrag Look Like

Where to Get Blightroot in New World

Here are our favorite Blightroot farming areas in New World:

blightroot map locations new world

What is Blightroot Used For?

Blightroot is used in the Arcana profession and is an ingredient for the following potions:

NameCategoryTrade SkillSkill Level
Recipe: Common Beast CoatingConcoctionsArcana7
Recipe: Common Lost CoatingConcoctionsArcana8
Recipe: Common Corrupted CoatingConcoctionsArcana9
Recipe: Common Ancient CoatingConcoctionsArcana10
Recipe: Common Angry Earth CoatingConcoctionsArcana11
Recipe: Strong Void Absorption PotionConcoctionsArcana65
Recipe: Powerful Beast CoatingConcoctionsArcana107
Recipe: Powerful Lost CoatingConcoctionsArcana108
Recipe: Powerful Corrupted CoatingConcoctionsArcana109
Recipe: Powerful Ancient CoatingConcoctionsArcana110
Recipe: Powerful Angry Earth CoatingConcoctionsArcana111
Recipe: Powerful Void Absorption PotionConcoctionsArcana115
Recipe: Infused Beast CoatingConcoctionsArcana157
Recipe: Infused Lost CoatingConcoctionsArcana158
Recipe: Infused Corrupted CoatingConcoctionsArcana159
Recipe: Infused Ancient CoatingConcoctionsArcana160
Recipe: Infused Angry Earth CoatingConcoctionsArcana161
Recipe: Infused Void Absorption PotionConcoctionsArcana165
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