What Happens If You Stab Gene With Knifey In High On Life?

Images via Squanch Games

Despite the fairly linear nature of High on Life, players are given a fair few opportunities to venture off the beaten track. Not only that, but they can also take part in activities or commit actions that are not entirely scripted. It’s one of the beauties of the game, but also one that has players wondering if their actions have consequences.

An early example of this is when you gain Knifey and he advises you to stab Gene. It’s a big decision, and one players will be wondering about the outcome of it. If you’ve come across this pivotal story moment in High on Life and want to know what transpires, here’s what happens if you stab Gene with Knifey.

What Happens If You Stab Gene With Knifey In High On Life

After advancing far enough into the story to obtain Knifey in High on Life, a conversation will transpire where he recommends you pay Gene a visit and stab him. While brutal, it may lead you down a path of curiosity and encourage you to backtrack in the game. Thankfully, there is a reward for doing so.

With Knifey in hand, return to Gene’s home in High and Life and interact with the door to enter. You’ll spot Gene chilling on the sofa watching TV and a short conversation will transpire. Afterward, Knifey will get impatient and demand you kill him, bringing up a prompt on screen to stab him. Complete this action and you’ll stab Gene in High on Life.

While this scene is amusing in its own right, it doesn’t have any lasting consequences on your High on Life playthrough. However, what it does do is gain you the Don’t Knife The Hand That Feeds achievement or trophy, which is obtained for stabbing Gene with Knifey. If you’re a completionist, or simply want to earn an extra reward for your troubles, we highly recommend completing this action in High on Life.