What Is Respiration In Minecraft?

Don’t know what Respiration is in Minecraft? Don’t worry, we are here to explain.
what is Respiration in Minecraft

Respiration is an item in Minecraft that many players need to learn about. It plays a significant role in Minecraft by providing the right status effect to explore the Ocean biome. Keep reading our guide as we explain what Respiration is in Minecraft in simple words.

What Is Respiration In Minecraft?

Respiration is an enchantment in Minecraft that got added to the game with the Update Aquatic, one of the major updates released on July 18, 2018, for the Java Edition, and May 16, 2018, for Bedrock Edition.

You can apply it on helmets to increase your underwater breathing capacity. Usually, without any items or buffs, you can survive for fifteen seconds underwater, which is too little to explore the different underwater blocks, creatures, locations, and other such things.

When you run out of breath underwater, you start losing health and eventually die. But with Respiration, you can extend your underwater breathing by fifteen seconds per enchantment level, which goes to a max of three.

So, if you have a Level 1 Respiration enchantment on a helmet, you can easily breathe underwater for 30 seconds (15 seconds base breathing + 15 seconds from enchantment).

You can stay underwater for sixty seconds if you have a max level of Respiration enchantment. You further increase that time by using a Turtle Shell that grants the Water Breathing status effect. 

There are multiple ways in which you can apply the Respiration enchantment to a helmet in Minecraft. Firstly, you can use different helmets and Lapis Lazuli at an Enchanting Table to apply Respiration enchantment, though it depends on RNG.

You can also make use of Enchanted Books to apply Respiration to a helmet using an Anvil. Or, you can use the /enchant command to apply it easily.

That concludes our guide on what Respiration is in Minecraft.

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