What is the Difference Between Action Style and High Speed Style In Sonic Frontiers?

Sonic has sometimes been too fast for the camera in his games. Hopefully, Sonic Frontiers can help with that.
Sonic Frontiers High Speed Style
Image via Sega

Sonic Frontiers may be the most customizable experience in the franchise, and that’s reflected in the action style and high-speed style settings. Here’s an explanation of the difference between them and which version you should pick for your main playthrough of Sonic Frontiers.

How Do Action Style And High-Speed Style Differ In Sonic Frontiers?

Increase Strength Sonic Frontiers
Image via Sega

Prior Sonic the Hedgehog games have suffered from too much speed and a lack of camera options like Sonic Heroes, for example. However, Sonic Frontiers gives us more options on how to control this blue hedgehog.

If you pick Action Style, Sonic slows down and the camera is placed further back. The game itself recommends this mode to beginners, who aren’t accustomed to Sonic’s spectacular speed.

Meanwhile, High-Speed Style is more akin to recent games in the series like Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors. The camera is closer to the protagonist and the speed is more immense. You really feel how quick this animal with shoes can go, especially if you level up his speed in Sonic Frontiers.

Are There Manual Settings?

Sonic Frontiers Speed Options
Screenshot via The Games Cabin

If you want to tweak the camera or Sonic’s speed to your liking, you can certainly do that in the “Options” menu for Sonic Frontiers. You can alter all manner of speeds, so you can customize the flow of movement. Here’s exactly what you can change:

  • Starting Speed
  • Initial Boost Speed
  • Turning Speed
  • Boost Turning Speed
  • Top Speed
  • Steering Sensitivity
  • Acceleration
  • Bounce Height

There are also multiple camera options that you can tweak, including:

  • Camera Speed
  • Camera Y-axis
  • Camera X-axis
  • Camera Distance
  • Camera Angle
  • Auto Reset Camera Position

With the camera and acceleration of recent Sonic games being a critical issue for some players, it’s great that Sonic Frontiers gives us the options to make it the platforming experience we want

You’ll also want to make sure you get the best abilities first in the all-new skill tree, and learn how to parry . Despite the game not featuring a sword of any kind, parrying is incredible important in Sonic Frontiers, especially with a boss like Giganto.