What To Use Granite For In Minecraft

Have a ton of Granite block in Minecraft but don’t know how to use them? Then this guide is for you.
What Granite is used for in Minecraft

Granite is a block in Minecraft disliked by many players. Still, some keep stacks of Granite even without knowing what to use Granite for in Minecraft. If you are one such player with a ton of Granite in storage, keep reading our guide as we share every use of Granite in Minecraft.

What To Use Granite For In Minecraft

When writing this guide, depending on the Minecraft version, Granite has different uses. In the desktop version, you can use it for decorative purposes.

Meanwhile, if you are a Pocket Edition player, you can use it to make Redstone Comparators, Stone Slabs or Repeaters.

Here are the different decorative items that you can make using Granite in Minecraft:

  • Granite Slab
  • Polished Granite Slab
  • Granite Stairs 
  • Polished Granite Stairs
  • Granite Wall
  • Stonecutter
  • Polished Granite

There are also a few hidden usages of Granite in Minecraft that many players don’t know about.

Such as, you can sell sixteen Granites to the Journeyman Stone Mason villagers in exchange for an Emerald. Their chances of purchasing Granite from you is around 2/7, which translates to 0.29%. Players can also use the Granite block to produce bass drum sound.

Apart from the above-shared uses, there is no other known use for Granite in Minecraft. You can use the Granite blocks to decorate your settlement if you want a pinkish theme base.

And for mobile players, you can craft Redstone Comparators, Stone Slabs, or Repeaters using the below recipes:

  • Redstone Comparators: Redstone Torch x3, Nether Quartz x1, Granite x3
  • Redstone Repeaters: Redstone Torch x2, Redstone Dust x1, Granite x3
  • Stone Slab: Granite x3

How To Get Granite In Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can find Granite blocks below y-level 80. Look for pink coloured blocks and mine them. You can also occasionally find Granite blocks in extreme hill biomes.

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Alternatively, you can use a Diorite and a Quartz to craft Granite. As for the polished versions, you can use Granite itself to craft Polished Granite.

That concludes our guide on what to use Granite for in Minecraft.

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