Where To Farm The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelt

monster hunter rise sunbreak prized pelt

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelt is a very useful resource that is vital for crafting some powerful hunter weapons and armour sets, allowing you to increase your power to take on even more dangerous monsters. Sunbreak is the first expansion for Monster Hunter Rise since its launch in 2021, which adds new locations in a kingdom across the sea, new and returning enemies, and more gameplay options for your hunting. If you’re looking to farm some Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelts, we’ll show you where to find them consistently.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelt Farm

Prized Pelt is a resource used in crafting, that can be obtained from Master Rank Kelbi and Anteka, which are smaller monsters found in the Shrine Ruins and Frost Islands. To get the resource, you will need to carve the remains of Anteka or Kelbi; it has an 18% chance drop rate from Anteka, and a 30% chance drop rate from Kelbi. 

This means your best chance at consistently farming Prized Pelt is by targeting Kelbi, which have a high spawn rate in the north of the Shrine Ruins region. Simply fast travel to the base camp at area 10, and then make your way to area 13 and then 11, which we have marked on the map above. 

As a small monster, Kelbi will scatter if larger monsters are nearby, so you may need to wait for a bit while they return. Regardless, you can get a consistent farming loop going by running back and forth between these areas, and you should soon build up a stack of Prized Pelt. 

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelt Uses

Below are all the currently known weapons armour pieces that can be made with Prized Pelt, along with their crafting recipes. 

Great Anteka BladePrized Pelt x3
Large Herbivore Bone x3
Anteka Proud Antler x2
Leather Headgear XPrized Pelt x1
Sapphiron Ore x1
Leather Glove XPrized Pelt x2
Carabalite x3
Hunter Helm XPrized Pelt x1
Eltalite Ore x2
Hunter Greaves XPrized Pelt x1
Twisted Stiffbone x2
Bone Vambraces XPrized Pelt x1
Twisted Stiffbone x1
Tough Claw x1
Droth Mail XPrized Pelt x1
Hydro Piel x3
Tough Claw x2
Izuchi Coil XPrized Pelt x1
Great Izuchi Thickfur x3
Great Izuchi Thickhide x1
Slagtoth Hood XPrized Pelt x1
Caked Stiffbone x1
Slagtoth Hide x3
Large Herbivore Bone x2
Khezu Coil XPrized Pelt x1
Pear Glosshide x3
Mystic Hardfang x2
Carbalite Ore x2
Tobi-Kadachi XPrized Pelt x2
Tobi-Kadachi Shard x3
Tobi-Kadachi Thickfur x2
Tobi-Kadachi Cathode x1

That’s all for our breakdown of how to farm Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelt, and now you know the best method of collecting it along with what it can be used to craft.

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