Where to Find Elk in New World

Where to find Elk in New World

How To Find Elk in New World?

Elk are a rare animal to find for cooking and skinning, but mostly for those pesky town board quests, in New World. Finding Elk tends to be a difficult task and leads to a lot of players dropping the Elk Town Board Quests. Elk also drops the venison cooking meat.

We have several resources you can use to find everything you need to know about Elk/Venison. Here are some useful resources to get you started in New World:

Where is Elk in New World?

There really are not too many Elk out in the open plains, so if you are expecting to have a nice stroll and come across one of these elusive creatures you are going to have a tough time.

Be patient when hunting these smart and majestic creatures, they sure will try to get away and are easy to lose if you are not prepared.

Monach’s Bluff Elk Farm Location

Just south of Monarch’s Bluff Town you will find one of the most concentrated areas of Elk in the forests and fields highlighted below.

Weavers Fen/ Brightwood Elk Farming Location

East of Weavers Fen lies a nice area to hunt Elk around the edge of the mountains.

What is Elk/Venison Used For in New World?

Venison is used for the cooking crafting trade skill. Here are all the recipes Elk is used in:

RecipeCategoryTrade SkillSkill Level
Recipe: Luxury SuppliesWork OrdersCooking50
Recipe: Quality Meat SuppliesWork OrdersCooking50
Recipe: Venison Pot RoastFoodsCooking45
Recipe: Venison JerkyFoodsCooking41
Recipe: Seared Venison SteakFoodsCooking36
Recipe: MeatloafFoodsCooking84
Recipe: Venison StroganoffFoodsCooking82
Recipe: Venison RoastFoodsCooking122
Recipe: Meat BaitBasic CookingCooking5
Recipe: SausageCrafting ComponentsCooking5
Recipe: Energizing Hearty MealBasic CookingCooking150
Recipe: Energizing Satisfying MealBasic CookingCooking100
Recipe: Energizing Light MealBasic CookingCooking50
Recipe: Energizing Travel RationBasic CookingCooking2
Recipe: Hearty MealBasic CookingCooking150
Recipe: Satisfying MealBasic CookingCooking100
Recipe: Light MealBasic CookingCooking50
Recipe: Travel RationBasic CookingCooking1
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