Where to Find Garlic in New World

new world garlic where to get

How To Get Garlic in New World?

Garlic is a key Spice to find to use in cooking in New World. You can get Garlic in New World by harvesting herbs in certain regions. We have several resources you can use to find everything you need to know about Garlic other than where to find it, which we cover in this article. Here are some useful resources:

Where is Garlic in New World?

You can find Garlic by harvesting Herbs only in Everfall currently. When you harvest any herbs in Everfall, you have a good chance to also get Garlic along with your Hyssop. Garlic is also in the game files as available in Brimstone Sands… however, this zone is not released yet in New World as of 10/2/2021. It also shows that it should appear in Great Cleave, but there are no actual Herb spawn locations in this region. This means you only have Everfall to get Garlic.

Everfall Garlic Farming Route

In Everfall you can farm Hyssop, Basil, Sage, and Garlic in New World. Everfall is not the best region to farm Herbs, as it only has 2 general areas with Herbs in them and they are quite far apart. Generally it will probably be easier to go to other regions to farm Spices and Hyssop. However, since this is a full guide, we will show the spots anyway.

everfall herbs locations

What is Garlic Used For in New World?

Garlic is used for the cooking crafting trade skill. Here are all the recipes Garlic is used in:

RecipeCategoryTrade SkillSkill Level
Recipe: Garlic Meat RationsWork OrdersCooking3
Recipe: Vegetable StockpileWork OrdersCooking100
Recipe: Venison Pot RoastFoodsCooking45
Recipe: Slow Roasted Bear Flank with Root VegetablesFoodsCooking194
Recipe: Orange Thyme Turkey BreastFoodsCooking144
Recipe: Butter Poached Oysters on Angel HairFoodsCooking191
Recipe: Venison JerkyFoodsCooking41
Recipe: Stuffed CalamariFoodsCooking139
Recipe: Pork Belly Fried RiceFoodsCooking188
Recipe: Butter Poached GameFoodsCooking38
Recipe: Calamari and Tomato StewFoodsCooking133
Recipe: Braised Wolf LoinFoodsCooking132
Recipe: Garlic Rosemary PoultryFoodsCooking32
Recipe: Squid Ink Pasta with ClamsFoodsCooking181
Recipe: Venison Tenderloin with Herb ButterFoodsCooking131
Recipe: PaellaFoodsCooking130
Recipe: Seafood BisqueFoodsCooking127
Recipe: Bear Flank PinwheelsFoodsCooking124
Recipe: Spaghetti BologneseFoodsCooking173
Recipe: Pesto-stuffed Turkey BreastFoodsCooking123
Recipe: Bacon-Wrapped ScallopsFoodsCooking172
Recipe: Garlic SteakFoodsCooking22
Recipe: Roasted GnufishFoodsCooking171
Recipe: Clam ChowderFoodsCooking121
Recipe: Savory Fish CakeFoodsCooking158
Recipe: Herb-Crusted VegetablesFoodsCooking153
Recipe: Herb-roasted CarrotsFoodsCooking19
Recipe: Seasoning BlendCrafting ComponentsCooking5
Recipe: SausageCrafting ComponentsCooking5
Recipe: Energizing Hearty MealBasic CookingCooking150
Recipe: Hearty MealBasic CookingCooking150