Where To Find Gold Ore In New World

gold ore new world

What is Gold Ore Used For in New World?

When you open the UI in New World, it tells you where to find Gold ore in New World, but it’s pretty vague. This is especially an issue when it comes to gold ore, which is one of the hardest mining resources to find. In general, gold ore can be found in or around caves. But you are here to see the exact spawn locations and the BEST locations for Gold ore, just like our Complete Harvesting Guide shows every resource you can get from harvesting and where to find it.

Gold Ore is gatherable at 45 mining skill and is trackable at mining skill 70. Gold Ore is usable for jewelcrafting and a key ingredient to level up your jewelcrafting skill after you have leveled up using all the silver ore you’ve gathered using this source.

You may find yourself in other regions we haven’t covered here, where gold might be a bit less popular. Be sure to utilize the Interactive New World Map to search for new places that might be currently around your character for some quick hits.

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Best Farming Locations for Gathering

The Games Cabin’s favorite places to mine Gold Ore so far are shown below:

Best Gold Ore Location – Reekwater / Weaver’s Fen Border

best gold ore location reekwater

At the Northern border of Reekwater, where Reekwater and Weave’s Fen meet, you will find the most abundant, easily travelable area for gold ore farming. You can either trek up from Reekwater Town, or you can use the fast travel shrine to get there much quicker, if you have some spare Azoth.

Great Cleave – 2nd Best Gold Ore Location

gold ore location great cleave

The Great Cleave also has an amazing density of Gold Veins just east of this fast travel shrine. This will be harder to get to for newer players as this is a higher level zone.

Cutlass Keys – Where to find Gold Ore New World

gold ore location cutlass keys

If you are looking to answer where to find gold ore at lower levels, Cutlass Keys is a safe bet. On the northeaster rocky ridges, you will find a nice lineup of Gold Veins.

Brightwater – Gold Ore Locations

gold ore map brightwater new world

The final gold ore location we show is Brightwood. There are 2 locations with fast travel shrines near by. The northern location is easy to travel to from Brightwood Town as well.