Where To Find Hemp Fibers in New World

hemp new world

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In this article we will cover where to find Hemp Fibers in New World. This information is also covered in our Complete Harvesting Guide for New World.

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What Does Hemp Look Like?

Hemp fibers new world

Hemp in New World can actually come in a few colors. The picture above shows you what it looks like in some settings, with a purple shade. In other settings, it can appear in more of a beige or brown color (below).

hemp fibers new world

Hemp is gatherable at 0 harvesting skill, and is trackable at 25 skill. If you are wondering where to get fibers for your town project board quests, in New World, fibers come from Hemp. When you harvest a hemp plant in New World, it will give you fibers. These fibers can be used at a Loom to create linen and cloth for crafting clothes.

Where to Find Hemp fibers

Hemp can be found in many places across New World, but by far the most dense area is right on the border of Windsward and Monarch’s Bluffs. There also happens to be a Spirit Shrine for fast travel right at this spot. This may make it a popular area, but there are many Hemp spawns surrounding it. When this spot is too busy, head a bit farther southeast to find a less populated area for hemp:

hemp map location new world