Where To Find Herbs & Hyssop in New World

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In this article we will cover where to find Hyssop, or Herbs, in New World. This information is also covered in our Complete Harvesting Guide for New World.

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Where to Find Herbs / Hyssop in New World

When you harvest herbs throughout New World you obtain Hyssop. Herbs are often found in the same areas as Hemp. This is a main ingredient in early health potions using the Arcana profession. Herbs appear looking like lavender, with blue/purplish hue:

herbs in new world

When you harvest herbs you will obtain Hyssop and sometimes an additional item as well. In the early game, herbs are quite easy to come by. You can find a dense population just southeast of Windsward Town by the beaches. You can also head to the fast travel area we mentioned in the Hemp section and gather both at the same time. Here are a few spots they are most abundant in for the early game:

herb locations new world

If you are looking to pick up herbs and you are a higher level, later in the game, there is another area that has even more herbs. In Ebonscale Reach in the northeast corner of the zone, there is an immense abundance of herbs close to a fast travel shrine:

herb location new world