Where to Find Honey in New World

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Where Can I Find Honey in New World?

Honey is an essential ingredient to take advantage of when cooking. this is why we explore where to find honey in New World. Many cooking recipes call for raw food, along with another ingredient. Sometimes it is very difficult to find copious amounts of raw food, but Honey is the exception. Honey can be used as the Raw Food in the recipe, and lucky for you, it’s super easy to get massive amounts of honey, and quick.

Your first option is to easily gather Honey from the towns in New World. In most towns, there is a honey jar right in the middle of the action. Once an hour, you can take Honey from the jar. If you travel to another settlement, you can also take it from there. Each of them have their own cooldown. You can also do this with the cows to obtain milk, which we discuss here.

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Gather Honey in Town

Your second option to get honey in New World if you need more than what you gather in the settlements, is to find Honey Trees. Honey can be gathered from honey trees, which can give a various amount of honey:

  • Small Honey Tree: Yields 11-16 Honey, respawns in about 10-15 minutes
  • Medium Honey Tree: Yields 19-25 Honey, respawns in about 12-17 minutes
  • Large Honey Tree: Yields 29-40 Honey, respawns in about 14-20 minutes
honey tree new world
Honey Tree in New World

The Best Place to Get Honey

One of the best places to get honey in New World is in Windsward at Willette’s Homestead.

best honey new world

Willette’s Homestead is a small farmland that has honey trees that spawn on the outer boundary of the location. It is great to farm Honey here. If you travel along the outer boundary of the farmland, you will easily spot the honey trees and their gorgeous orange honey!

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