Where to Find Iron Ore & Iron Veins in New World

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What is Iron Ore Used For in New World?

When you open the UI in New World, it tells you where to find Iron ore, but it’s pretty vague. It says iron ore can be found in Highlands areas of the map. When you open the map, it tells you where the highland regions exist. This can be helpful to see the general areas. But you are here to see the exact spawn locations and the BEST locations for Iron, just like our Complete Harvesting Guide.

Iron Ore is gatherable right away with 0 mining skill and is trackable at mining skill 25. This is going to be the first ore you collect other than plain stones from boulders. Iron ore is usable for many crafts. It is a key ingredient to level up any type of armorsmithing or weaponsmithing during tier 1 crafting.

Iron veins are very abundant around New World, but with so many people needing them early on in the game, sometimes they are hard to come by unless you know exactly where to look. Be sure to utilize the Interactive New World Map to search for new places that might be currently around your character for some quick hits.

The Games Cabin’s favorite places to mine Iron Ore so far are shown below:

Everfall – Best Iron Ore Location

We spent a lot of time in Everfall and basically made it our main hub during our journey in New World. There are some great opportunities around Everfall Town that are quick to get to and can yield some nice, quick trips to stock up until you are max weight, then head back to town in record time:

everfall iron ore map location new world

First Light – 2nd Best Iron Ore Location

First Light also has some heavily dense areas on the west side of the region where the rocky terrain is. Try these routes close by the fast travel shrine for quick access and return to town:

first light iron ore map location new world

Monarch’s Bluffs – Iron Ore Locations

Monarch’s Bluffs is quite a large region and for that reason, its not our favorite place to gather resources. However, if you find yourself in the region and are looking for the more dense areas of Iron Ore, check these routes:

monarch's bluffs iron ore map location new world

Windsward – Iron Ore Locations

Windsward also has some concentrations of Iron Ore, mostly around the edges of the region. Here are 3 areas you can target if you find yourself looking for ore while in Windsward:

windsward iron ore map location new world

Other Regions – Iron Ore Locations

Iron ore does exist in most of the other regions in the game, however it is not nearly as popular are the regions we have shared. Of course, if you’d like to see where else you can find these locations, be sure to check out the Interactive World Map.

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