Where to Find Ironwood Trees in New World

ironwood new world

Ironwood can be hard to come by, so it’s always beneficial to know which areas to target. Here we answer the question: Where can I find Ironwood Trees in New World?

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When you are specifically looking to farm Ironwood in New World, you can head to the areas we share in this section for the best farming locations.

Edengrove – Best Location for Ironwood in New World

The best, most densely populated place to farm Ironwood in New World is in Edengrove. Head south from Valor Hold, or used the south fast travel point and head west. Throughout this route there are many Ironwood trees available to log.

Shattered Mountain – 2nd Best Farming Location for Ironwood

The second best place for farming Ironwood is on the very east side of Shattered Mountain. There are many spawns here, but they are a bit more spread out than Edengrove.

This area also happens to be the best spot for Wyrmwood. There are Angry Earth wolves that roam this area and respawn very quickly. When you kill these wolves, you are able to log them, just as you would if you were skinning them.

Reekwater – 3rd Best Ironwood Logging Spot

Perhaps tied for second, Reekwater is another great option as the spawn point for Ironwood are nice and close together, right on top of the east fast travel shrine.

Ebonscale – Alternative Farming Spot for Ironwood

There are also some locations of Ironwood Trees in Ebonscale. They are fairly scarce and the three areas are quick spread out. It is an option if you are in the area, but not the best place if you are specifically looking to farm Ironwood.

Ironwood Farming – Other Regions

Beyond the four farming regions we have listed above, Ironwood Trees do exist in other regions. The regions not mentioned here have a very scarce amount of Ironwood Trees and are not suggested as a destination to farm at.