Where to Find Lodestone Ore in New World

lodestone new world

What is Lodestone in New World?

Lodestone veins produce Lodestone, which is another tier 4 resource. In this article we will go over some facts about Lodestone and the XP it gives, as well as show you exact spawns of where to find lodestone ore in New World. They can also drop a Shard of Adamant, which is a resource usable in perks. This will require 105 mining to gather, and these are unlike other ore resources as they do not drop rare gemstones . Although most lodestone veins are located in the northern regions of the country, there are some spawns elsewhere that we will explore.

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You can find lodestones in all sizes, just like boulders. Each size gives you a different amount XP and drops varying amounts of lodestone.

How Much XP Does Lodestone Mining Give?

  • Small Lodestones – 105 Mining XP with a 45 second base gather time
  • Medium Lodestones – 158 Mining XP with a 70 second base gather time
  • Large Lodestones – 237 Mining XP with a 95 second base gather time

How Often Do Lodestone Nodes Respawn?

Current data suggests these are the respawn intervals for each size:

  • Small Lodestones – 12 to 18 minutes respawn time
  • Medium Lodestones – 15 to 23 minutes respawn time
  • Large Lodestones – 17 to 26 minutes respawn time

Where To Find Lodestone Ore in New World by Region

For all of our location illustrations, we will be utilizing the interactive New World map. We encourage you to check out this very useful tool for research of your own as well!

Great Cleave – Best Lodestone Location

The Great Cleave has a “great” spot for Lodestone Ore. Head just northeast of the fast travel shrine to see a dense population of lodestone.

Brightwood – 2nd Best Lodestone Location

Brightwood also is a great source of Lodestone, on par with the Great Cleave locations. There are several just west of Brightwood Town, so they are easily farmable and you can head to town shortly after. If you head further west, all around a fast travel shrine there are also many more spawns of Lodestone.

Cutlass Keys – Lodestone Locations

Cutlass Keys is a great option if you want to farm Lodestone in New World at a low level zone. If you are low level but already have high mining skill, or if you just don’t want to be bothered by higher level mobs, check out Cutlass Keys. Head south from Cutlass Keys town and follow the path shown.

Weaver’s Fen – Lodestone Locations

Weaver’s Fen is another location that is decent for Lodestone Ore. Just northeast of Weaver’s Fen Town if a circle of Lodestone spawns that is quite tightly spread. Be sure to check out this if you are passing by the area for some quick hits.