Where To Find Oil In New World

What is Oil Used For In New World?

Oil is obtained from Seeping Stones in New World, and is gatherable at mining skill level 20, and trackable at 45. If you are looking for where to find oil in New World, we have laid out all of the best spots and their actual spawn points here. You will find all the best regions and farming routes for Oil here.

Oil in New World is used mostly for the Arcana skill in order to craft potions. You will get to the second tier of potions around 20-60 Arcana skill. These are the “common” rather than “weak” potions. These potions require 1 oil per potion, so it will be very beneficial that you know where to find oil in New World.

If you are looking for any other mining or gathering farming areas, check out our other sources:

Best Farming Locations for Gathering

Best Oil Farming Location – Cutlass Keys Town

By far the absolute best place to get a TON of oil, is to get to Cutlass Keys Town. You can walk or fast travel, you can even set your inn at the town. The amazing part about this spot is that you have essentially 3 farming areas to utilize. You can go west and stay in Cutlass Keys, you can move West just passed the border into First Light, or you can go directly North into Monarch’s Bluffs.

Weaver’s Fen – 2nd Best Seeping Stone (Oil) Location

By far, the best place to find Seeping Stone to extract Oil, is in Weaver’s Fen. There is an insane amount of this all over just south of Weaver’s Fen Town. If you make your way here, you can’t go wrong.

weavers fen map oil seeping stone new world

First Light – Seeping Stone (Oil) Locations

Our second choice for where to find Oil in New World, or first choice if you are still a low level and just starting out, is First Light. The northwestern area of the region has plenty of spawns for Seeping Stone, and there is also a fast travel shrine nearby.

oil seeping stone map first light

Ebonscale Reach – Where To Find Oil

Ebonscale Reach Town is very close to several oil spawn points. They are a little more spread out than the previous two regions we have shared, but this is a viable option as well.

Other Regions – Seeping Stone (Oil) Locations

Seeping Stone also shows up in other regions for a source of oil. We’ve listed our four favorite. The next options you have are Monarch’s Bluffs and a few spawns in the Great Cleave. As always, find these on the Interactive New World Map that we used to help in this guide.