Where to Find Oregano in New World

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How To Get Oregano in New World?

Oregano is a key herb to find to use in cooking in New World. You can get Oregano in New World by harvesting Herbs in certain regions. We have several resources you can use to find everything you need to know about Oregano other than where to find it, which we cover in this article. Here are some useful resources:

Where is Oregano in New World?

You can find Oregano by harvesting Herbs only in Monarch’s Bluffs , Shattered Mountain, or Restless Shore in New World based on the game files. When you harvest any Herbs in those regions, you have a good chance to also get Oregano along with your Hyssop. While the game data says you can obtain Oregano in Shattered Mountain… there are actually no herb spawn points in the region. So technically, the only two areas to get Oregano in New World are Monarch’s Bluffs and Restless Shore.

Monarch’s Bluffs Herb Route New World

Monarch’s Bluffs has a great Herb farming location to get Oregano, Peppercorn, and Paprika. If you are looking for these spices, Monarch’s Bluffs is the best place to farm these in New World. You can cross over into Windsward territory as well for a double-region farm.

monarch's bluffs herb locations

Restless Shore Herb Farming in New World

In Restless Shore you can find Hyssop, Oregano, Rosemary, and Mint. The best place to farm these are simply in the northern area of the region. You can do a nice circuit to clear most of the spawn points.

restless shores herbs locations


What is Oregano Used For In New World?

Oregano is used for the cooking crafting trade skill. Here are all the recipes Oregano is used in:

Recipe Category Trade Skill Skill Level
Recipe: Exotic Herb Supplies Work Orders Cooking 50
Recipe: Exotic Herb Provisions Work Orders Cooking 20
Recipe: Game Meat Skewers Foods Cooking 44
Recipe: Fish with Tarragon and Oregano Foods Cooking 42
Recipe: Wolf Loin Meat Pies Foods Cooking 140
Recipe: Roasted Rabbit with Seasoned Vegetables Foods Cooking 189
Recipe: Spaghetti Bolognese Foods Cooking 173
Recipe: Salted Roasted Vegetables Foods Cooking 156
Recipe: Savory Vegetable Medley Foods Cooking 151
Recipe: Seasoning Blend Crafting Components Cooking 5
Recipe: Sausage Crafting Components Cooking 5
Recipe: Energizing Hearty Meal Basic Cooking Cooking 150
Recipe: Hearty Meal Basic Cooking Cooking 150