Where to Find Parsley in New World

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How To Get Parsley in New World?

Parsley is a key herb to find to use in cooking in New World. You can get Parsley in New World by harvesting Herbs in certain regions. We have several resources you can use to find everything you need to know about Parsley other than where to find it, which we cover in this article. Here are some useful resources:

Where is Parsley in New World?

You can find Parsley by harvesting Herbs only in Cutlass Keys, Mourningdale, and Edengrove in New World based on the game files. When you harvest any Herbs in those regions, you have a good chance to also get Parsley along with your Hyssop. While technically you can get Herbs and Parsley in Edengrove and Mourningdale… there are really only a few spawn points. In Edengrove only 2 spawn points exist right by Valor Hold, and in Mourningdale there are 5 spawn points spread out, mostly just northeast of Mourningdale Town.

What you really will want to do if you want to know where to find Parsley in New World is go to Cutlass Keys.

Best Places To Get Parsley in Cutlass Keys

Go to Cutlass Keys for Hyssop, Parsley, Peppercorn and Cinnamon in New World. Here is a suggest path to follow to create a nice circuit of Herb farming in Western Cutlass Keys.

cutlass keys herb locations


What is Parsley Used For in New World?

Parsley is used for the cooking crafting trade skill. Here are all the recipes Parsley is used in:

Recipe Category Trade Skill Cooking Skill Level
Recipe: Exotic Herb Supplies Work Orders Cooking 50
Recipe: Exotic Herb Provisions Work Orders Cooking 20
Recipe: Roasted Turkey Thigh Foods Cooking 192
Recipe: Butter Poached Oysters on Angel Hair Foods Cooking 191
Recipe: Grilled Poultry with Saffron Rice Foods Cooking 90
Recipe: Fish Cakes Foods Cooking 85
Recipe: Calamari and Tomato Stew Foods Cooking 133
Recipe: Filet in Mushroom Sauce Foods Cooking 182
Recipe: Venison Stroganoff Foods Cooking 82
Recipe: Squid Ink Pasta with Clams Foods Cooking 181
Recipe: Fall Harvest Turkey Foods Cooking 176
Recipe: Stuffed Squash Foods Cooking 73
Recipe: Salted Roasted Vegetables Foods Cooking 156
Recipe: Seasoning Blend Crafting Components Cooking 5
Recipe: Sausage Crafting Components Cooking 5
Recipe: Energizing Hearty Meal Basic Cooking Cooking 150
Recipe: Hearty Meal Basic Cooking Cooking 150