Where to Find Platinum Ore in New World

platinum new world

If you are wondering where to find Platinum in New World, this is the place. Here we break down the best places to find Platinum and also provides some other information you may be looking for as well. Platinum is used to smelt Platinum Ingots. In turn, Platinum Ingots are used for many weaponsmithing and jewelcrafting recipes, as well are in engineering and arcana. Platinum is a tier 4 resource and therefore a valuable resource to gather while exploring New World.

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How Much XP Does Platinum Mining Give?

  • Small Platinum – 263 Mining XP with a 85 second base gather time
  • Medium Platinum – 394 Mining XP with a 110 second base gather time
  • Large Platinum – 591 Mining XP with a 135 second base gather time

How Often Do Platinum Nodes Respawn?

Current data suggests these are the respawn intervals for each size:

  • Small Platinum – 41 to 59 minutes respawn time
  • Medium Platinum – 44 to 64 minutes respawn time
  • Large Platinum – 48 to 69 minutes respawn time

Reekwater – Best Platinum Location

platinum locations reekwater

The best region to farm Platinum Ore is Reekwater. There are two concentrations, both to the east of Reekwater Town. These farming spots are close together, close to the town, and have a large amount of spawnable nodes. This is a great combination for a quick run that is close to town.

Shattered Mountain – 2nd Best Platinum Location

platinum locations shattered mountain

The second best location is new the fast travel shrine in Shattered Mountain. This is a heavily populated Platinum area that can be farmed if you spend a little Azoth and use the fast travel spirit shrine.

Ebonscale Reach – Platinum Locations

platinum locations ebonscale reach

Ebonscale Reach has two good options for Platinum Ore. There are a few nodes just west of Ebonscale Reach Town, as well as another, more densely populated area to the south. The south spot is very nice to farm at, but takes a bit longer to travel to than many of our other suggestions.

Great Cleave – Platinum Locations

platinum locations great cleave

There is a fast travel shrine in the middle of Great Cleave that has an abundance of Platinum Veins directly to the east. Pick these up if you are in the area.

Edengrove – Platinum Locations

platinum locations edengrove

Finally, in Edengrove there are more spawn locations for Platinum that are a big harder to get to. These may be less populated with players and therefore possibly easier to grab.