Where to Find Saltpeter in New World

what does saltpeter look like

With the launch of New World and many players needing to make gunpowder for their muskets, many players are asking where to find saltpeter in New World?

Saltpeter is used to make gunpowder, which in turn, is used to make bullet cartridges. If you are a musket user in New World, you are going to need a LOT of bullet cartridges and gunpowder, meaning you are going to want to know the best place to find Saltpeter.

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Where Can I Find Saltpeter in New World?

Saltpeter can be found in most caves all around Aeternum. It looks like a grey/whitish spill of material on the floor of the cave. This can be challenging to spot unless you are specifically looking for it. You may find yourself in a cave with many other players and everyone else for the most part is running through, killing enemies, and not bothering picking up Saltpeter. This really is due to it blending in so well with the cave atmosphere and also the fact that the caves are usually pretty dark.

You will want to focus on caves, but more specifically, mines. If you head to quarries in New World and go into the mines, they are usually much larger than simple caves, and therefore have a lot more Saltpeter node spawn locations.

The Best Place to Get Saltpeter

We believe the best place for Saltpeter, especially early game, is in the Shadowmine area in Everfall. This area is located in the North-West corner of the Everfall region.

Specifically, if you go into Ebonrock Quarry. you will find about 18 spawn points for Saltpeter within and slightly outside of the entrance to the Mine. This is the mine you see in the above screenshot, with the description as follow:

Exact Locations of Saltpeter in Ebonrock Quarry

Using the Interactive New World Map, you can see the specific spawn points you are looking for. Remember that these spawn points will be inside the Mine itself, so first make your way to the entrance. There is a Saltpeter spawn point right on the outside of the cave entrance as well.