Where to Find Starmetal in New World

starmetal new world

What is Starmetal Used For in New World?

Starmetal Ore is the tier 4 ore that can be used in some crafting recipes. This resource is tier 4 and is very valuable to farm, whether you are selling it on the trading posts or for yourself.. You will need mining skill level 100 to mine Startmetal Veins. We are here to show you all of the best places where to find starmetal in New World. We will go over exact map locations of spawns to give you the best farming routes.

Starmetal ore primarily is used to forge Starmetal Ingots by combining it with Steel Ingots, Flux, and Charcoal. Starmetal Ingots can be smelted skill 150 to be used in many weaponsmithing, engineering, some arcana recipes, and even furnishing skills.

Key Starmetal Recipes in New World

You can turn Starmetal Ore into Starmetal Ingots, which are used for many Tier 4 crafting recipts.

  • Starmetal Ingot – 2x Charcoal, 1x Flux, 2x Steel Ingot, 6x Starmetal Ore

How Much XP Does Starmetal Mining Give?

  • Small Starmetal Vein – 263 Mining XP with a 70 second base gather time
  • Large Starmetal Vein – 591 Mining XP with a 120 second base gather time

How Often Do Starmetal Nodes Respawn?

Current data suggests these are the respawn intervals for each size:

  • Small Starmetal Vein – 12 to 18 minutes respawn time
  • Large Starmetal Vein – 17 to 26 minutes respawn time

Great Cleave – Best Spot to farm Starmetal in New World

Our favorite Starmetal farming locations are in Great Cleave. They are almost directly beside, to the west of the fast travel shrine. Follow this route and you will be sure find many Starmetal Veins.

Cutlass Keys – Starmetal Farming Locations

Our pick for the best low level zone for Starmetal would be Cutlass Keys. Very close, just south of Cutlass Keys Town there are two small hubs of Starmetal Veins. As a result, these should be easy prey to get through especially if you’d rather stay out of the higher level zones.

Brightwood – Starmetal Farming Locations

Brightwood is another option for Starmetal as there are several areas within close walking distance from Brightwood Town. You really can hit up any of these and should find some available Starmetal veins.

Mourningdale – Starmetal Locations

Mourningdale is basically the same reasoning as we had for Brightwood. There are again several options all around and close to Mourningdale Town. This can also be a good area for you to do a quick run for Starmetal.

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