Where To Find Vault Keys In Sonic Frontiers

Vault keys in Sonic Frontiers are essential to the progression of the story. Here’s how to find them within the open zones.
Sonic Frontiers Vault Keys
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Chaos Emeralds are the most important resources you’ll find in Sonic Frontiers to clear the island. Unfortunately, that will be a difficult journey as you’ll need to pick up many vault keys to unlock them. Here’s where to find the vault keys in Sonic Frontiers.

How To Get Vault Keys In Sonic Frontiers

Vault Keys Sonic Frontier
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There are two main ways to receive vault keys in Sonic Frontiers. First and the most simple option is to complete challenges within portals. Each open zone has cyberspace levels that match the gameplay of a traditional Sonic game. You’re given four opportunities to gain vault keys, which include:

  • Reach the Goal
  • Clear with Rank S Time
  • Clear with 30 Rings
  • Find all Red Star Rings

It is very rare you can do all four goals in one run, so you’ll likely have to play these cyberspace stages multiple times. One for exploration and getting every red coin and another to reach the goal in record time.

Another way to find vault keys is by defeating random enemies within the open zone and by breaking objects like boxes, which also hold Skill Points. In addition, you can earn vault keys by collecting enough tokens while fishing with Big The Cat.

Where To Find The Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers Gold Trophies
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There is a cycle that needs to be considered in Sonic Frontiers. First, you need to beat bosses to get Portal Keys to unlock each cyberspace stage. After that, you’ll have to get vault keys to unlock the chaos emeralds. A cutscene will play when a chaos emerald is available to pick up.

They can be spotted on your world map, but you may have to complete the various checkpoints to open up more areas from the corrupted screen. To see just the chaos emeralds on the map, press the shoulder buttons (L1 and R1, for example on PS5) to only show these powerful objects’ icons. You can then place a marker on their location, which is represented in-game by a glowing orange beam of light. Unfortunately, there isn’t a fast travel system to make the process quicker.

You may have to meet up with a character like Amy or Knuckles to progress the story before picking up a chaos emerald. Just follow the objectives Sonic Frontiers outlines. You may want to unlock new skills as well as you face new enemies throughout the storyline.

Once you get six chaos emeralds from each zone, that island’s boss is available to fight like Giganto on Kronos Island.