Where To Find Wireweave (Wirefiber) in New World


Wireweave, or Wirefiber, can be harvested in New World at harvesting skill 175. This article will review where to find Wireweave in New World. It is trackable at harvesting skill 200. This resource also looks extremely similar to Hemp, but has an intense red color to it:

wireweave wirefiber new world

When you harvest this plant you will get Wire Fibers. This is generally a high level gatherable, so it is very scarce in the lower regions of the map. If you are looking to get your hands on some in the lower level regions, the best place is in Windsward. There are a few spawns just south of Fort Windsward, and a few more just east or west of it:

wireweave locations new world

Alternatively, if you can make your way over to Reekwater, there is a few spawns in the southwestern area of the region:

wireweave map new world

For higher level places, by far the best place to find Wireweave for Wirefibers is in the northern region of Edengrove:

wirefiber map locations new world