Where to Find Wyrdwood Trees in New World

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Wyrdwood Trees produce the tier 4 level of wood in New World. These trees can also be very difficult to find in New World, so we have provided the best areas to target if you are specifically looking for them. Here we answer the question of where to find Wyrdwood Trees in New World?

Another source of Wyrdwood is killing the Angry Earth wolves in the areas near the Wyrdwood trees. When you kill these enemies, you can log their bodies, similar to skinning an animal.

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Brightwood – Best Wyrdwood Location in New World

Brightwood is a great area to farm Wyrdwood Trees. If you head to the south east area of the region, there are many spawns very close together, right beside a fast travel shrine. A second option is in the north east corner of the region, were you can fine a few more widely spread nodes.

Shattered Mountain – 2nd Best Wyrdwood Farming Location

As we mentioned in the Ironwood section of this guide, there is a collection of Ironwood spawns we have shown in the image above. All around this area there are many Angry Earth wolves that have a very quick respawn timer. If you farm these wolves, you can log their corpses to obtain Wyrdwood logs.

Great Cleave – Great Alternative Best Farming Location for Wyrdwood Trees in New World

There are three main options in Great Cleave to farm Wyrdwood. Our favorite is to focus on the top 2 circled areas in our screenshot. Heading directly to the east side of the region, as well as a bit more north, will allow you to target two fairly dense areas of Wyrdwood. A third option is down in the south east area of the region.

Reekwater – Wyrdwood Farming Area

In Reekwater, you will find 7 spawn locations just south of Reekwater Town. These can be a good location to search for some Wyrdwood Trees if you are around the area.

Other Regions – Wyrdwood

Wyrdwood Trees also appear in a few other regions in New World, but the amount or density of their spawns are far worse than what we have highlighted above. Nontheless, you may find a few in Cutlass Keys, First Light, Windsward, and Everfall to name a few. Don’t forget that you can utilize the Interactive New World Map to find these as well.