Where To Get Animal Hide In V Rising

how to get animal hide v rising

The next step after crafting your Bone Sword in V Rising is to craft a Boneguard set. For this you will need bones, easy enough… kill more skeletons! But where can you get Animal Hide in V Rising? If you haven’t made it to Farbane Woods yet, keep following the path until you get to the opened gates that lead to Farbane Woods. Here you will be able to choose East or West, choose whichever one you’d like.

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Boneguard Crafting v rising
Boneguard Crafting

How To Get Animal Hide in V Rising

V Rising Wolf
V Rising Wolf

As you venture into Farbane Woods, you will begin encountering creatures other than just skeletons. You may run into humans, or bears, wolves, etc. If you find any animals like wolves and bear, make sure you kill them and you will be able to get their Animal Hide for your crafts.

If you are looking for a specific area, you can find some wolves and deer almost right away on the East Farbane Woods entrance here. Simply press “M” to open up your map:

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