Where to Get Barley in New World

barley new world where to find

How To Get Barley in New World?

Barley is a harvestable item used for cooking recipes in New world. Today we explore where to get Barley and what they are used for. You must have a harvesting sickle equipped to gather them.

A few key points of information you may be interested in regarding Barley:

Where is Barley in New World?

You can only get Barley from 3 zones in New World: Windsward, Monarch’s Bluffs, , and Ebonscale Reach. Barley can be found mainly in farms across Aeternum.

Ebonscale Reach- Best Barley Farming Location in New World

Ebonscale Reach is by far the best Barley farming area in New World. Head south from the town, or east from the southern fast travel shrine, and you will find many Barley spawn points at these two areas.

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Windsward – Where To Find Barley in New World

Windsward only has 1 location for Barley, but it is very close to the town. If you are in the area, you can travel over and gather this, along with other farm ingredients in this location.

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Monarch’s Bluffs – Where to Get Barley

Monarch’s Bluffs has two general areas with just a few spawns for Barley. Either travel to the shrine at Fisherman’s Bend in Everfall and head across to Monarch’s Bluffs, or start from the town and head southeast!

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What is Barley Used For in New World?

Barley is used in the cooking profession as a raw resource or tier 3 grain. They can be used as a basic raw resource, or they can be called for specifically in recipes. The following recipes allow Barley as an input ingredient.

RecipeCategoryTrade SkillSkill Level
Recipe: Cereal StockpileWork OrdersCooking100
Recipe: Cereal SuppliesWork OrdersCooking50
Recipe: Smoked Rib Cap with Cabbage and Barley SoupFoodsCooking190
Recipe: Blackened Ray-Finned Barb with Fondant Potatoes and BarleyFoodsCooking187
Recipe: Filet with Mint and Cracked BarleyFoodsCooking129
Recipe: Roasted GnufishFoodsCooking171
Recipe: Spicy Cabbage SoupFoodsCooking155
Recipe: Sweet Cranberry BrewFoodsCooking150
Recipe: Strong Honey BrewFoodsCooking105
Recipe: Honey BrewFoodsCooking55
Recipe: Nutty BrewFoodsCooking16
Recipe: Barley SoupFoodsCooking6
Recipe: FlourCrafting ComponentsCooking5
Recipe: Energizing Hearty MealBasic CookingCooking150
Recipe: Energizing Satisfying MealBasic CookingCooking100
Recipe: Energizing Light MealBasic CookingCooking50
Recipe: Energizing Travel RationBasic CookingCooking2
Recipe: Hearty MealBasic CookingCooking150
Recipe: Satisfying MealBasic CookingCooking100
Recipe: Light MealBasic CookingCooking50
Recipe: Travel RationBasic CookingCooking1
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