Where to Get Berries in New World

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How To Get Berries in New World?

Berries are a harvestable item used for cooking recipes in New world. Today we explore where to get Berries and what they are used for. You must have a harvesting sickle equipped to gather them.

A few key points of information you may be interested in regarding Berries:

Where are Berries in New World?

You can only get Berries from 5 zones in New World: Windsward, Everfall, First Light, Monarch’s Bluffs, and Ebonscale Reach. Berries can be found mainly in farms across Aeternum.

First Light – Best Berry Farming Location in New world

For where to find berries in First Light, head south east from town and you will find a huge amount of berry bush spawns. This is the best place in New World to harvest berry bushes.

berry new world first light

Windsward – Where To Find Berries in New World

Just southeast of the Windsward settlement, you can harvest some berry bushes for a quick pickup.

berries new world windsward

Monarch’s Bluffs – Where are Berries?

You can head south of the Monarch’s Bluffs settlement for a short stroll to a good amount of berry bush locations.

berry locations monarchs bluffs

Everfall – Where to Get Berries

Leaving Everfall town and heading to the western border will bring you to some berry bushes as well.

berries locations everfall new world

What are Berries Used For in New World?

Berries are used in the cooking profession as a raw resource or tier 3 fruit. They can be used as a basic raw resource, or they can be called for specifically in recipes. The following recipes allow Berries as an input ingredient.

RecipeCategoryTrade SkillSkill Level
Recipe: Fruit Salad with Toasted CoconutFoodsCooking93
Recipe: Berry Glazed Roasted HamFoodsCooking142
Recipe: Turkey Thigh with Pan Gravy and Spiced Wild BerriesFoodsCooking186
Recipe: Roasted Game Bird with Berry GlazeFoodsCooking79
Recipe: Sweet Wild Berry InfusionFoodsCooking154
Recipe: Berry BrewFoodsCooking104
Recipe: Sweet Fruit TrifleFoodsCooking102
Recipe: Wild Berry CompoteFoodsCooking54
Recipe: Wild Berry TrifleFoodsCooking15
Recipe: Cooked Wild BerriesFoodsCooking5
Recipe: Energizing Hearty MealBasic CookingCooking150
Recipe: Energizing Satisfying MealBasic CookingCooking100
Recipe: Energizing Light MealBasic CookingCooking50
Recipe: Energizing Travel RationBasic CookingCooking2
Recipe: Hearty MealBasic CookingCooking150
Recipe: Satisfying MealBasic CookingCooking100
Recipe: Light MealBasic CookingCooking50
Recipe: Travel RationBasic CookingCooking1
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