Where to Get Corn in New World

corn new world where to find

How To Get Corn in New World?

Corn is a harvestable item used for cooking recipes in New world. Today we explore where to get Corn and what they are used for. You must have a harvesting sickle equipped to gather them.

A few key points of information you may be interested in regarding Corn:

Where is Corn in New World?

You can only get Corn from 6 zones in New World: Windsward, Everfall, First Light, Monarch’s Bluffs, Reekwater, and Ebonscale Reach. Corn can be found mainly in farms across Aeternum.

Windsward – Best Corn Farming Location in New World

Head north west from the settlement in Windsward and follow the path to hit the best corn farming locations in New World.

best corn locations new world

First Light – Where To Find Corn in New World

Head north from the First Light settlement and continue through both farms. There are many other items in these farms you can gather at the same time such as carrots and broccoli.

first light corn locations new world

Monarch’s Bluffs – Where is Corn?

Monarch’s Bluffs is a much farther walk to get to the corn locations. If you want to get corn here, you will have to travel to Moonshade then head west.

Everfall – Where to Get Corn

Everfall corn locations are quite spread out, which makes it not the best choice for corn. However, you can follow this path and collect other items along the day if you are desperate.

Ebonscale Reach – Corn Farming Locations New World

If you find yourself in southern Ebonscale Reach, there are two clusters of corn spawn locations near Stormcourt Fields.

Reekwater – Weakest Corn Locations

Reekwater isn’t great for these types of resources as it is a much higher level location. You can find 2 corn spawn locations north of the Eternal Pool.

What is Corn Used For in New World?

Corn is used in the cooking profession as a raw resource or tier 2 grain. They can be used as a basic raw resource, or they can be called for specifically in recipes. The following recipes allow Corn as an input ingredient.

RecipeCategoryTrade SkillSkill Level
Recipe: Vegetable StockpileWork OrdersCooking100
Recipe: Vegetable SuppliesWork OrdersCooking50
Recipe: Blackened Mandje Mandje with Corn SuccotashFoodsCooking195
Recipe: Sausage with Creamed CornFoodsCooking35
Recipe: Steamed Abaia SerpeFoodsCooking183
Recipe: Spicy Steak PieFoodsCooking157
Recipe: Glazed Melon BreadFoodsCooking152
Recipe: Breakfast BreadFoodsCooking107
Recipe: Creamed CornFoodsCooking103
Recipe: Herb-Crusted Corn on the CobFoodsCooking57
Recipe: CornbreadFoodsCooking18
Recipe: Cooked CornFoodsCooking8
Recipe: FlourCrafting ComponentsCooking5
Recipe: Energizing Hearty MealBasic CookingCooking150
Recipe: Energizing Satisfying MealBasic CookingCooking100
Recipe: Energizing Light MealBasic CookingCooking50
Recipe: Energizing Travel RationBasic CookingCooking2
Recipe: Hearty MealBasic CookingCooking150
Recipe: Satisfying MealBasic CookingCooking100
Recipe: Light MealBasic CookingCooking50
Recipe: Travel RationBasic CookingCooking1
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