Where to Get Destruction Stone Fragment

destruction stone fragment farm lost ark

Destruction Stone Fragment

Max stack count: 9999

Cannot be dismantled

A fragment of ore filled with Chaos Energy.
Used for Honing (Upgrading) weapons.

Destruction Stone Fragment Farming

How to Get Destruction Stone Fragments in Lost Ark:

  1. Chaos Dungeons: in North Vern or Rohendel (T1) Main source of Destruction Stone Fragments
  2. Guardian Raids: Another source you can run every day. Less than Chaos Dungeons.
  3. Purchased for Pirate Coins: Weekly from the Tea and Libra ship just outside the harbor.
  4. Purchased for Sylmael Bloodstones: Weekly limit from the Sylmael NPC in town.
  5. Shadespire Tower Rewards – For any characters after the first clear is completed. If you have already completed floors on one character, you can get these materials on some of the floors. See the Shadespire Tower guide for details.
  6. Ghost Ships
  7. Auction House: Buy unbound materials from other players for gold.
  8. World Bosses
  9. Lower Tier Islands: Mostly islands on the Eastern side of the ocean.
  10. Other Events: Special game events sometimes pop up and give additional materials to players.

Destruction Stone Fragments Purchased From:

120/100/90 Sylmael BloodstoneWeekly Limit 2/4/6Tiella, Anais, Le’verille, Avril
170 Pirate CoinWeekly Limit 30Tea and Libra Guild Vessel
25 Exquisite FeatherPurchase limit 3Shandars, Hosik