Where to Get Great Honor Leapstones

where to get great honor leapstones lost ark

Great Honor Leapstone

Max stack count: 9999

Tier 3 Gear Honing Item

Cannot be dismantled

A Leapstone that holds Great Honor Energy.
Used for Honing gear.

Great Honor Leapstone Farming

How to Get Great Honor Leapstones in Lost Ark:

  1. Tier 3 Guardian Raids: Main source and you can run every day.
  2. Chaos Dungeons: in Punika (T3) You can sometimes obtain these in your daily runs. You can also obtain from endless Chaos Dungeons as a turn in reward for 130 Shard of Purification. Weekly limit of 99 for these turn ins.
  3. Purchased for Sylmael Bloodstones: Weekly limit from the Sylmael NPC in town – see chart below.
  4. Ghost Ships
  5. Auction House: Buy unbound materials from other players for gold.
  6. World Bosses
  7. Other Events: Special game events sometimes pop up and give additional materials to players.

Great Honor Leapstones Purchased From:

130 Shard of PurificationWeekly Limit 99Chaos Dungeon Vendor
90 Sylmael BloodstoneWeekly Limit 10Tiella, Anais, Le’verille, Avril
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where to get honor leapstones lost ark

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