Where to Get Guardian Stones

where to get guardian stones lost ark

Guardian Stone

Max stack count: 9999

Cannot be dismantled

A fragment of ore filled with Chaos Energy.
Used for Honing (Upgrading) armor.

How to Get Guardian Stones in Lost Ark:

  1. Chaos Dungeons: in Yorn & Fieton (T2) Main source of Guardian Stones
  2. Guardian Raids: Another source you can run every day. Less than Chaos Dungeons.
  3. Purchased for Pirate Coins: Weekly from the Tea and Libra ship just outside the harbor.
  4. Purchased for Sylmael Bloodstones: Weekly limit from the Sylmael NPC in town.
  5. Ghost Ships
  6. Auction House: Buy unbound materials from other players for gold.
  7. World Bosses
  8. Lower Tier Islands: Mostly islands on the Eastern side of the ocean.
  9. Other Events: Special game events sometimes pop up and give additional materials to players.

Guardian Stones Purchased From:

150/130/120 Sylmael BloodstoneWeekly Limit 2/4/6Tiella, Anais, Le’verille, Avril
250 Pirate CoinWeekly Limit 30Tea and Libra Guild Vessel
25 Exquisite FeatherPurchase limit 3Shandars, Hosik