Where to Get Lifebloom Leaf in New World

lifebloom leaf new world

Some crafts in New World require Lifebloom Leaf. You may have noticed this and wondered how to find or where to get Lifebloom Leaf. This is a green (uncommon) colored tier 3 resource. Take the Strong Health Potion for example, the tier 3 health potion that you will surely want as you level. It can be crafted with the Arcana trade skill.

Lifebloom Leaf is derived from Lifebloom Plants in New World and is technically a “rare” resource when speaking about luck. So you have been harvesting Lifebloom Plants looking for it with no luck. You wonder where to find Lifebloom Leaf in New World. It was there all along right under your nose, you just didn’t have any luck.

As this is a rare resource, it only drops if you have luck while harvesting. Luck will give you extra chances to find rare items such as this while gathering. You can gain luck for harvesting several ways to increase chances for how to get Lifebloom Leaf:

So be sure to get your luck on and you will find some Lifebloom Leaf in New World!

Where is Lifebloom in New World?

lifebloom new world

Lifebloom, Lifejewel, and Lifemoth, all provide life motes. You can gather Lifejewel via mining at skill level 50. You can harvest an Lifebloom starting at harvesting level 30. Some additional facts:

  • Harvesting Lifebloom gives 90 harvesting XP and 22 character XP
  • Lifebloom provides Life Motes, Lifebloom Stem, Leaf, and/or Flower
  • You can harvest Lifebloom at skill level 30, and track it at 45
  • Lifebloom is primarily found and most concentrated in Monarch’s Bluffs. There are also many nodes in Windsward. First Light and some other regions also have Lifebloom but they appear much less. Here are our favorite places to farm Lifebloom:
lifebloom map locations new world

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