Where to Get Milk in New World

milk cow new world

Some crafts in New World require Milk. You may have noticed this and wondered how to find or where to get Milk. For example, some of the foods you can cook with the cooking tradeskill will increase your gathering luck and therefore increase the chances to get uncommon or rare items such as Fae Iron or Petrified Wood. Some of these require you to make butter with cooking, which requires Milk!

new world butter

Milk specifically says in its tooltip that it is derived from Provision Containers:

new world milk

This is another reason you want to always be opening any provision crates, chests, or food crates you see while traversing New World. Make sure you check out this post specifically on provision crates, where we talk about every spot you can find them for Milk! There is still 1 more option for you though.

You can also find all the locations of Provision Crates using the interactive new world map:

new world provision crates

How To Get Milk from Cows in New World

You can also milk a cow to get milk in New World. For example, Sherry is a cow in the First Light Settlement. You can simply walk up to her in town and use the interact key to extract milk. You will be able to get around 20 out of one milking, then it goes on cooldown for 1 hour. You will be able to collect more in 60 minutes.

new world cow sherry

Sherry can be found within the First Light Settlement, right at this spot on the map:

sherry location cow new world

The cows that reside in towns are located in First Light, Monarch’s Bluffs, Windsward, Restless Shore, and Mourningdale.

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